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Car Carrier Insurance

If you live in California and you own or operate a car carrier then you have come to the right place for your insurance needs. Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we have access to multiple programs that are all designed to fit you and your businesses unique needs. We understand how important it is to maintain proper, adequate coverage not just on yourself and your business, but also on the vehicle or vehicles being transported.

First and foremost you will want to look into purchasing adequate liability limits for your business and your vehicle. As business one of your primary concerns should be financial stability. Nothing can throw that off quite like being involved in an at fault claim and not having liability insurance. Oftentimes your business will have to pay for medical and property damage out of pocket, which means far less profit for you and your business. Be sure you purchase liability coverage with adequate limits for your business. You and your agent should asses your assets and decide from there what coverage would be adequate to cover a major loss. The last thing you want is to find out you have been paying for insurance coverage that is not going to help you in your situation. Be sure your business is financially secure; do not drive without liability insurance at the very least.

You will also want to purchase cargo coverage for the vehicles you will be transporting to and from locations. Whether you are carrying a single vehicle or have a trailer designed to carry more than one you will want to have this coverage when operating a car carrier. If you are involved in a claim and found to be at fault odds are you will have a large property damage loss that occurs. The claim will typically cost more to resolve because of the extra vehicles involved. It is not typical that one driver can wreck multiple vehicles all at one time so it is important that you have good coverage limits that will cover any and all vehicles being carried. The financial loss from a claim involving a car carrier can be very high, help mitigate this cost with adequate cargo coverage.

Be sure to ask one of our agents about uninsured motorist coverage for your policy as well. While it may be the law that every driver on the road carriers liability insurance at the very least, the truth is not everyone does. In fact, studies have shown one out of every four drivers on the road is currently uninsured. With such a large number of drivers uninsured it is never a good idea to risk your cargo to one of them. Odds are, if they won’t pay for insurance they will not be able to pay for damages that result from an at fault claim. Having uninsured motorist will prevent you from having to take them to court as your carrier will reimburse you for the damages up to your coverage limits. Your carrier will then decide if they want to pursue legal action against the involved party.

Be sure to ask about purchasing comprehensive and collision coverage for your business as well. If you have a new vehicle that you are still making payments on or if you just want to ensure replacement in case of a loss then this coverage is going to be important to you. Designed to pay for the cost or repairs or replacement in the event of a loss to your vehicle this coverage can greatly reduce the financial hit that can accompany a claim. By reducing vehicle down time and negating the need to use profit for repairs you are ensuring your business can operate smoothly through any financial loss.

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