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Food Truck Insurance

If you own or operate a commercial food truck and you are looking for insurance on your commercial food truck insurance then you have come to the right place. Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we specialize in placing commercial auto insurance risks and we know what it takes to ensure your mobile catering business is properly insured against whatever perils may come your way. As an independent agency we are able to shop your policy through some of the nationís top carriers all at one time for your business insurance, saving you both time and money. We know what discounts you will qualify for and we will be sure to get them to you. Once you see how cheap easy and great our coverage can be you may never have to look for another agent again.

How Many Food Truck Insurance Companies Can We Quote?

As an independent agent we are not limited to just one carrier during our company selection process. In fact, most direct agencies have no company selection process. They typically only offer one carrier that may have a couple of different programs if you are lucky. Once we have determined what coverage will be necessary to properly cover your food truck we will then compare the prices and options of some of the nationís top carriers along with some of the industryís best kept secrets. By looking at each carrier side by side we can determine who has the best rates for your needs. Not only can this save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your commercial food truck insurance; it can save you a lot of valuable time. Time that can be better spent ensuring your business is running smoothly on a day to day basis. When carriers compete against each other for your business you save money, it is that simple.

We will ensure you receive each and every discount available to you. Just as there are many discounts available to you when purchasing personal auto insurance, you can also save significant money on your commercial food truck insurance policy with the discounts available to you. Keeping a clean driving record is a great way to receive the largest auto insurance discount possible; the good driver discount. To qualify for the good driver discount a driver must meet the requirements set forth by California legislation that states a driver must have remained continuously licensed for 3 years and received less than 2 points on their record in that time frame. This discount is by far the largest discount offered by most insurance carriers so it is highly recommended that you keep a clean driving record and do not let your license lapse. You may also be eligible to receive a discount for carrying continuous insurance coverage on your food truck. Many carriers will offer this discount to their commercial risks and it is not available to personal lines customers. Letting your policy lapse could cost you significantly if you lose this discount. Another discount made available only to commercial lines customers is the paid in full discount. In the state of California this discount cannot be made available to personal lines customers and can only be given to commercial policy holders. As the name implies, you would receive a discount for paying in full for the policy term. Some carriers may even give a discount based on the number of years you have been in business. Being an established business that has had few or no claims shows that you are a lower risk than others may be. When insurers look for risks they view responsibility as a good indicator that the business owner is not high risk.

What Does You Need To Know To Get A Catering Truck Insurance Quote?

Be sure to let an agent know exactly what you will be serving from your food truck and what kind of facilities it will include. A truck with a deep fryer may be incredibly hard to place and somewhat pricey but not including this info on an insurance application could result in any claims that may arise being denied. CA commercial auto companies calculate commercial premiums based on how risky a businessís operations are among other things. Failing to disclose all types of business operations does not give the carrier a chance to charge appropriate prices; therefore they will typically reject any claim related to the policy. While it may seem cheaper to you at the time, in the long run it could cost you a lot more. The point of insurance is to be covered, why pay for a policy that doesnít do that?

We have trained licensed professionals who are standing by to help you with your policy needs. We have many years of experience in the industry and we know what it takes to properly insure your food truck. Whether you have one food truck or a fleet of commercial food trucks we are able to protect your business interests. Give us a call today and let us save you time and money. Dont forget to refer your firends. We can help on everything from towing business insurance to cargo van insurance.

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