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General Liability Insurance California

Every business owner in California should consider maintaining a general liability insurance California policy to protect you business and your livelihood. California general liability insurance policies can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, and damage to a rented premises.

And donít think that it will be difficult to get new coverage. We strive to ensure that we make it as simple as possible on your to get your quote and bind your policy. Although, it is our primary intensions to make sure that you have the best experience possible and that securing your policy is easy, we will also take the time to make sure that you understand what you are buying.

So regardless of whether you are an experienced professional that has purchased several general liability policies in the past, or if you are looking to open a new business, we are here to help. We understand that you have questions and our promise to you is that we will take the time needed, regardless of how much time is needed, to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new policy.

Although we are located in Northern California, we are able to help you regardless of where you are in California. We have clients in all of the major cities including San Jose, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Sacramento, Chico, San Francisco and many more.

Many times in California general liability insurance policies are combined with property coverage for a building or business owned personal property in a California business owners policy; otherwise known as a BOP. This is done primarily for main street and retail style businesses. Many contractors or similar types of higher risk businesses will normally purchase a standalone general liability policy.

Here at Bains & Woodward Insurance, we work with multiple carriers to find a policy that will give your business insurance california policy the protection that it needs all while finding a competitive rate. By representing several companies, we have the ability to submit your business information to the carriers that we work with and request quotes for your business from several companies all at the same time.

We also understand that you, just like all business owners, are extremely busy. We find that the majority of our clients prefer to work with our representatives over the phone for all of the quoting and when purchasing a policy they prefer to pay by credit card and electronically sign all documents. This means that you will not need to work only with a local agency but you can also purchase your policy from the convenience of your own home or new business.

What Types of businesses need a California General Liability Insurance Policy?

Regardless of the type of business that you have you should consider purchasing general liability protection. Not carrying coverage leaves you business and your livelihood exposed. A single loss or claim could result in a lawsuit that you may not be able to cover. Having a liability policy in place leaves you exposure limited to the deductible on your policy for covered situations.

Many small businesses operate without coverage but often find out that they will be limited to being a small business and will not be able to get many jobs or contracts without having a general liability insurance policy in place.

A good example of this would be landscapers in California. Often times they do not carry coverage. There are many homeowners that do not ask them if they have coverage and they can generally get small jobs for lawn maintenance or landscape gardening without it. But when it comes to getting commercial contracts or large landscape design projects, these uninsured business owners are not able to bid the larger jobs because most commercial work will require proof of general liability insurance.

What Business are a Higher Risk for General Liability Claims?

Not all business are equal and not all businesses have the same likelihood of having a claim or loss. Insurance companies understand this as well and it is worked into the rating base for particular classifications of businesses. A good example would be the difference between a florist and a general contractor. Obviously, the general contractor would be a higher risk for insurance and the standard base rate for the contractor would be higher than for the florist.

This does not mean that a California contractor general liability insurance policy will have a higher premium with all companies. Many companies have built in credits for contractors for total years of experience in the industry, designation of work being limited to the businesses description, and many more. This is why we shop your California general liability insurance with multiple carriers. A little bit of extra work on our end and transfer into a significant savings on your premiums.

How are California General Liability Insurance Rates Determined?

There are many factors that are used to determine the premium of a California general liability insurance policy. Most carriers will have a base rate for each of the classifications of business that they write. From the base rate they will either factor in the total employee payroll or gross receipts. The reason that the companies do this is because the more work that your business does the higher of an exposure it is and the only standard variables that show an increased workload are the total payroll or gross receipts.

There are many other factors that are also taken into consideration to adjust the rate. Some carriers will give credits back for years in business or continuous coverage. There are many types of credits that can be applied to a California general liability policy.

Also, other issues can cause what are called debits. These are the opposite of credits for general liability insurance. Some of the standard debits applied to policies are for a history of claims or high percentages of work sent out to subcontractors.

This is just a brief overview of some of the California general liability insurance rate variables. There are many other variables that we have not gone over. Some of the others are coverage specific or industry specific.

Why is Bains & Woodward Insurance the Right Choice for California General Liability Insurance?

Thousands of California residents and business owners have made the choice to change over to Bains & Woodward Insurance for a variety of different reasons. We work diligently to set ourselves apart from the competition in many ways. Our primary focus is to understand what your needs are and strive to help in any way. Our clients are not number they are clients and when you call in to any of our offices you will understand that we are different than other companies.

We are not here just to sell you a California general liability insurance policy. We are here to start a long lasting relationship with you. We don't just want to make the sell and get your policy this year but would rather have you and your business as a lifelong client of our agency. In order to do so we focus our time and efforts on finding you a strong combination of platinum level service, more than adequate coverage, and competitive rates. And on top of this, our electronic signature process, online quote submissions, and phone detailed coverage overviews make doing business with us easier than most of the competition.

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