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Tow Truck Insurance

Getting insurance on your tow truck can be time consuming if you are not working with the right agency. Even worse than wasting your time, working with an agency that does not understand your business can leave you with gaps in the coverage that you need to have. Getting insurance for a towing operation should be left to specialist agents that understand what coverage to offer not just any random agent that does business insurance in California or California commercial auto insurance.

Here at Bains & Woodward Insurance we specialize in helping all types of towing risks. Regardless of your size we are here to help and we have markets whether you have a single tow truck and are just looking for basic liability coverage that will satisfy the DMV for your CA filing, or if you have multiple storage locations and a fleet of tow trucks.

When working with our clients we will evaluate your business and explain to you the coverage that is specific to your needs. Getting insurance for your towing operation is different than most other types of businesses and it is important for you to understand the coverage that is available.

  • Auto Liability Coverage - In California all tow trucks that will be hauling vehicles that are not owned are required to file for motor carrier authority. This is regardless of the amount of tows or that radius that you work in. The minimum liability limit that you need to carry for coverage in California is $750,000. This is just the minimum limit though. If you plan on expanding your operation to accept contracts from motor clubs or associations then you should consider purchasing a $1,000,000 auto liability limit. Many of these clubs and associations will require at this limit.
  • Physical Damage Protection - The physical damage part of your insurance policy is the portion of the policy that covers your vehicle. In most cases it is purchased as comprehensive and collision coverage. When getting insurance on your tow truck it is important to understand the actual value of your truck since the majority of these policies offer physical damage coverage as a stated amount. This means that the premium associated with your comprehensive and collision coverage will be determined by the value that you tell the insurance company that your vehicle is worth. It also means that the insurance company will not pay out any more than the stated amount of coverage regardless of the vehicle value. Generally, when there is a loss for a policy that has stated amount coverage the insurance company will pay out the actual cash value or the stated amount of the vehicle being insured, whichever is lower, less the deductible.
  • On Hook Coverage - Towing vehicles that do not belong to you is your primary operation and insurance companies can offer you on hook coverage to cover the vehicles that you are towing in the event that there was damages caused to them. Limits for on hook, otherwise known as in tow coverage, are offered by most companies in at $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 limits. This coverage will normally have a deductible associated with it as well.
  • General or Garage Liability - Every towing operation should consider adding general liability or garage liability coverage onto their package to ensure that they are protected from a wider variety of losses. The coverage that comes from you auto liability, physical damage, on hook, and garage keepers does not fully protect your business. General liability or garage liability will offer additional protection for products or completed operations, damage to rented premises, bodily injury, or property damage for types of loses that would not be covered on from your other tow truck coverage. A good example would be if a client were to slip and fall in your office due to not having a wet floor sign up after cleaning. Speak with your agent to see what is available.

How Do I Get A Tow Truck Insurance Quote?

Getting a California tow truck insurance quote can be easier than you think. You can request your quote online or call in and speak with a representative. We will work with you to explain the coverage that is available for your towing insurance policy and let your choose what you would like to purchase. With access to multiple California tow truck insurance companies, you can rest assured that we will be able to offer you a comprehensive package at a competitive rate. Also, please refer our friends. We can help on anything from box truck insurance to commercial van insurance.

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