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Similar to auto insurance, home owners insurance is designed to prevent the insured from having to pay out of pocket in the event of a loss or claim. If a covered claim occurs, such as a fire or a theft, a homeowner’s insurance policy provides financial protection to the policy holder so they may repair or even rebuild their home to its former state. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will consist of 6 types of coverage, as follows:

  1. Dwelling Coverage - This coverage is financial protection against damage to the actual structure of the home (Walls, roof, foundation, etc). A few other types of coverage, listed below, are derived as a percentage of the dwelling coverage. The total amount of coverage needed is determined by finding the total square feet of the home and calculating them with average local construction costs. It is very important that this coverage is at an adequate amount since many of you other coverage’s are a percentage of this value.
  2. Other Structures - As the name indicates, this coverage applied to any structure on the property that is not a part of the actual home. This includes sheds, well houses, detached garages and many other specific structures. This is typically around 10% of the total dwelling coverage. A policy with dwelling coverage at $200,000 would typically have $20,000 in coverage for other structures.
  3. Personal Property Coverage - This coverage is designed to help the homeowner replace any personal belongings stolen or destroyed in a covered claim. The amount of coverage afforded is typically 50% of the total dwelling coverage. A policy holder with $200,000 in dwelling coverage could expect around $100,000 in total personal property coverage.
  4. Loss of use Coverage - Loss of use coverage is designed to provide financial assistance to a policy holder whose home has become uninhabitable due to a covered claim or loss. A typical example of this would be a family being unable to live in a home after having their roof destroyed in a fire and staying in a hotel while repairs are being done. This coverage is usually calculated at 20% of the total dwelling coverage, so a policy holder with $100,000 in total dwelling coverage coverage could expect $20,000 towards loss of use coverage.
  5. Personal Liability Coverage -This coverage is designed to provide financial protection to a home owner in the event they are presented with a law suit deriving from an occurrence on their home or property. This is typically offered in $100,000 increments and is not usually a percentage of your dwelling coverage. Certain factors around the home may increase the cost of this coverage significantly, such as certain dog bred being present or a pool with no gate or fence.
  6. Medical Payment Coverage - Medical Payment Coverage, often referred to as MedPay, is designed to help the homeowner pay for any medical bills a person may have incurred from an injury sustained at the home. Typically, MedPay is only applicable if there is no law suit derived from the injury. This coverage usually runs anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 in coverage.

With so many factors that need to be considered, trying to find the best homeowner insurance rates can be quite the task. There are literally hundreds of carriers to choose from, each with their own rates. Most quotes will vary from carrier to carrier and with so many out there a person may miss hundreds of dollars in savings or worse; they may find themselves underinsured in their time of need. Luckily, the insurance pros at Bains and Woodward Insurance Services Inc. are here to help you find great coverage at an affordable rate. We have the ability to shop and compare some of the nation’s top carriers all at one time, saving our clients both time and money. We will sit down with you and help you decide just how much coverage is needed, and then we will compare each carrier available to determine the best rates. With so many carriers competing for your business, a low rate is super easy to find.

In addition to the comparison shopping we will do for you, our agents here at Bains and Woodward Insurance Services Inc are also trained to find every discount available to you, the consumer. We will identify all discounts that can be added now for immediate savings as well as advise you on what steps can be taken to receive even more savings. With so many discounts available, such as multi policy or fire safety discounts, saving you money is simple.

Another very important thing to consider when purchasing a policy is how much coverage is needed to adequately cover a total loss. Anyone who has ever experienced the horrors of a total loss to their home knows how hard it can be emotionally as well as financially. The last thing a person needs in a time like that is to find out they will have huge out of pocket expenses to replace their home. It is always best to consult with your agent or broker to determine just how much coverage is necessary for the home you are insuring. Home values can vary greatly depending on a large number of factors including location, custom work done at the home, the homes age, the type of roof, surrounding land features and hazards.

In addition to the value of the home needing to be considered, a carrier will also need to determine the risks of insuring the home. Some common rating factors are the distance to a fire hydrant and the fire department itself, the location of brush and fire hazards, the type’s animals on the property, and even pools ponds or drowning hazards. Keeping these things in mind when doing upgrades around the home can help keep costs down.

Whatever your homeowner’s insurance needs may be, we are ready to get you started here at Bains and Woodward insurance Services Inc. Just give us a call today or stop by one of our Northern California offices to see how much you can save.

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