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Landlord Insurance California

Getting a landlord insurance policy in California may not be as easy as you think. There are several different options for coverage and it is hard to define the type of policy that will be right for you. The good news is that you have come to the right place. Whatever type of rental property that you have we can help. Our markets will consider all situations and we will help to ensure that your California landlord insurance policy is rated appropriately.

We can shop the coverage on your rental homes with several carriers to ensure that you get the best rates available in the industry. At Bains & Woodward Insurance, we are a completely independent insurance agency and our options are not limited to a single insurance company like many of the direct writers and captive insurance agents. The end result is that you save on your premiums and get a comprehensive package that suits all of your need. And the best part is, our experienced team of agents and brokers is here to ensure that you understand all the coverage that is available and that the policy is rated appropriately so that in the event of a claim you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. We work with some of the largest insurance companies in the nation and have several "A" rated carriers that will all compete for your business.

What Types Of Rental Homes In California Can You Insure?

  • Single Family Residences - Getting insurance on a single family rental is one of the easiest landlord insurance policies to get insurance on as long as the home is occupied and not vacant or having renovations done, although we are here to help for any situation. Depending on how many rentals you have we can write single landlord policies for each one or if you have several we can schedule them all onto a master policy. These policies can be written for your current property schedule and then modified midterm to add or remove any homes that need to be.
  • Multi Unit Rentals - If you are in need of insurance on you duplex or fourplex we can help. The companies that we work with can even consider helping you get coverage on you multi unit property even if you do not own all units. We can write coverage for your duplex for the portion that you own and still give you all of the protection that you need as a landlord.
  • Apartment Buildings - If you are shopping for apartment building insurance in California, you need to make sure that you are working with an agent that access to specialty markets to ensure that you get all of the coverage that you need. Our representatives are here to help and will be able to put together a package that includes coverage for buildings, awnings, rental income, liability, and personal injury such as slander and wrongful eviction.
  • Leased Farm Land - Most standard markets will not consider offering coverage to farm land that is leased out to others especially if you do not have your primary home or a primary farm policy. We understand that there are several of you out there that own farm property but are not farmers and that you simple lease out the land to farmers and receive an income for doing so. You have finally come to the right place. Our agents and brokers understand the position that you are in and we CAN help.
  • Commercial Rental Buildings - It is crucial that you get the right protection for your commercial rental property. The downturn in the economy has left many commercial landlords significantly underinsured on their insurance policies. This is primarily due to the fact that you can purchase a rental property for a lot less than it would cost to rebuild it and most agents do not have a complete understanding on how to rate a policy for a commercial building. Many agents have recently written coverage for up to the purchase price rather than the cost of the rebuild for these types of situation. The end result is an exposure on the landlords part. If this is the case and there is a total loss on your property the insurance company will not pay any more than the amount of building coverage shown on the policy plus any applicable extensions of coverage.

What Makes Bains & Woodward The Right Choice For California Landlord Insurance?

We set ourselves apart from the competition in several ways. Not only are we a single one stop shop for all of your insurance needs, but we have agents and broker that are here to help work exclusively on your landlord insurance in California regardless of how many properties you have, whom you have them insured with, or what types of rentals they are, we will put together an offer for all of your insurance needs.

When getting a quote for your California rental home insurance you may want to consider having one of our licensed representatives review all of your properties and offer you a package. We work with some insurance companies that offer very competitive rates on rental properties and are generally significantly lower in premium than the competition when they quote package property accounts. There is no reason for you as a landlord to only save on a single property with us. You are far better off increasing your profit margin for all owned rentals. Please make sure that you tell your friends about our prices and service. We can also help with other types of property coverage such as vacant land insurance and vacant property insurance.

ca landlord coverage

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