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Apartment Building Insurance

If you are looking for an apartment building insurance in California and want to ensure that you get the best insurance for your apartment complex then you have come to the right place. We work with a network of insurance companies and can provide you with rates from several of the nation's top rated carriers and the best part is that you will only have a single point of contact with our agency. Here at Bains & Woodward Insurance we make sure that the insurance companies are competing for your business and that they come with their best foot forward to provide you with a comprehensive insurance package at a competitive rate. Other captive agents are not able to say that. The truth is that the majority of captive agents, by definition, are only able to provide you with a quote from a single company rather than with several companies that are all interested in insuring you apartment complex.

We can help regardless of the size of your complex or your claims history. We have markets for any size and do not require that your policy is completely claim free. Our agents will work diligently t ensure that you receive all available discounts for your apartment building insurance.

What Factors Help Minimize Apartment Building Insurance Premium?

  • Renters Insurance Requirements - Some apartment building insurance companies will offer a discount on premiums for package policies when there is a requirement for all tenants to carry renters insurance policies. Many times the insurance company can subrogate to the tenants renters insurance policy for damages. Ask your agent or broker today.
  • Dog Restrictions - Getting coverage on your apartment complex will be extremely difficult if you are in California and you do not have any restrictions on tenants owning dogs. It is especially difficult if your tenants own pit bulls, Doberman pinchers, or chows. Having restrictions on dog ownership to specific dog breeds, having excluded breeds, or having a no dog policy can help significantly to ensure that all of your options are available for your California apartment building insurance. Although, there may be no negligence on your part if a tenants dog were to bite another person, the exposure to defense cost will have many carriers lose interest in providing a quote for coverage.
  • Claims History - Being able to prove a good claims history to your new prospective insurer will help to show that providing an insurance policy on your complex can be profitable and that that loss ratios historically associated with your account are not negative. Although, you may have has a loss that can impact your premium, showing a low claims frequency or long term relationship with your prior insurer can help to get credits on your premium.
  • Sprinkler Systems - Having your apartment complex equipped with sprinkler systems in the units or the common areas can help to lower the premium associated with the building coverage. The highest exposure to the insurance company would be a fire. Having sprinklers installed in your complex or individual buildings helps to minimize or control losses due to fire.
  • Building Updates - Many insurance carriers that write coverage for apartment complexes require that the updates to the building are done within the last thirty years. Depending on the carrier, the updates will need to be done to the heating systems, roofing, electrical, and plumbing. Not all California apartment complexes require all of these updates though. Many carriers will not require updates to the electrical within thirty years if all units are on circuit breakers and have copper wiring or to plumbing as long as the plumbing is a combination of PVC and copper and there is no galvanized plumbing. Depending on the year that you apartment complex was built the insurance company may also require that the paint has been updated to ensure that there is no lead based paint on the interior or exterior of the complex.
  • On-Site Manager - Having an on-site manager can help to reduce the liability exposure on your account and this is generally pushes the savings to the liability portion of the premium. When you have an on-site manager, it is more likely to have a reduced level of negligent related claims.

What Do I Need To Do To Get A Quote For My Complex?

All you need to do is request your California apartment complex insurance quote online or call in and speak with one of our representatives today. We will work with all of the insurance companies that we represent and provide you with the most comprehensive package at the most competitive rate available. Please make sure that you tell your friends about our prices and service. We can also help with other types of property coverage such as builders risk insurance and landlord insurance in California.

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