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Auto Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the optional coverage that you can purchase on your auto insurance policy to cover any non collision related damages to your automobile. Some companies refer to comprehensive coverage as other than collision coverage. The most common comprehensive claims in California are for fire, theft or vandalism. When you purchase comprehensive coverage you will be able to choose your deductible. The deductible is the dollar amount that you would be responsible to pay prior to the insurance company paying the remainder. Many people choose to have a $500 deductible. For example, with a $500 deductible, a $1000 vandalism claim would result in an insurance company payout of $500 after the client’s deductible of $500 is met. There is a minimal increase in the premium by lowering the comprehensive deductible on your policy. Make sure that you ask your agent to check a lower deductible option as well as glass coverage options. Some insurance companies will have an option for you to purchase glass coverage protection with no deductible even while you leave your comprehensive deductible at $250 or $500. Get your quote online today or call 530.421.8111 License 0G13612.

comprehensive auto coverage

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