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Auto Liability Coverage

Liability limits on your auto insurance policy are offered at various rates. California minimum liability insurance limits are $15,000/$30,000. What this means is that if you are involved in an at fault accident, the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out is $15,000 for any one person’s injury and a maximum of $30,000 if there were more than one person injured. Many insurance companies in California offer limit options of $15,000/$30,000, $25,000/$50,000, $50,000/$100,000 and $250,000/$500,000. Some companies offer other variations of liability limits or even higher coverage. You also, with certain companies, have the option to have a combined single limit that would cover the injury and property damage all listed as one maximum, for any combination of injury or property damage. Call one of our experienced agents today to discuss the limits of liability that are the best fit for your financial position. The insurance company is only required to pay out the limit that is stated on the policy. As we all know, $15,000 in coverage for one person’s injury is not going to go very far here in California. You can also get more information by reading on our auto insurance page at .Get your quote online today or call 530.421.8111 License 0G13612

auto liability coverage

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