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Tattoo Insurance

If you own or operate a tattoo shop and you are looking for a tattoo insurance you may have a hard time finding carriers that will insure you. Tattoo shops are typically considered a hard to place risk and as such most standard insurers will not even be able to give you a price quote. Your best place to start is going to be through an independent agent, like us. It is highly recommended that you give us a call as we have many years in the industry and we have insured tattoo shops across the golden state.

A business insurance in CA policy is a policy that is designed to be fully comprehensive and to meet the specific needs of your business. As a tattoo shop in California there are a few different coverage options that you will most likely be interested in purchasing. Rather than having to purchase each coverage separately as a part of its own policy you can instead purchase a business owners policy that will include all the CA general liability insurance coverage desired on one policy. This means one bill, one company for claims and one agent to deal with. Please give us a call today and see just how easy it can be to put together the perfect policy for you.

What Is Tattoo Shop Liability Insurance?

You will want to purchase basic liability insurance for your business to protect against injuries on the premises to your patrons. Basic general liability will cover a patron who slips, falls or is injured while on your premises. If you are renting the building you are operating out of you will almost always be required to carry at least general liability according to the terms of your lease agreement. Often times your landlord will request they be added to the policy as an additional insured. This protects them as well from any lawsuits that may be brought against you or the property owner. While it may not be required by law, it is almost a guarantee that a lease agreement will require this coverage. In addition to it being a requirement for most lease agreements, it is a good idea in general. People are more sue happy today than ever before so keep your interests protected with adequate general liability limits. This is where most business owner’s policies begin; in addition to general liability it is a good idea you look into some other coverage endorsements as well.

As a tattoo shop it is highly important that you look into purchasing a professional liability endorsement for your business owner’s insurance policy. This coverage can be very hard to place for tattoo artists and in all honesty it can be a bit costly, especially if you have had any claims in recent years. Professional liability protects you from law suits brought on as the result of your work. This can cover a tattoo that turned out poorly or maybe an infection or transmission of disease from a dirty tattoo needle. Often times tattoo parlors will also do piercings; these can be quite problematic for a business owner. Piercings can be done with the most sterile needle in the most sterile environment in the world and a person ay still get an infection at the location. Sometimes your body just rejects foreign objects and there isn’t anything you can do further to prevent it. The problem is you cannot prove you did not cause the infection; often times a piercer will still be held liable even if they took all the proper steps to ensure a clean and sterile environment was worked in. Having a professional liability policy can protect you from the high exposure risk you will face.

Can I Get Additional Coverage On My Tattoo Insurance Policy?

As a tattoo artist you may also want to look into purchasing business personal property for your business. Business personal property will provide compensation for any property damaged or lost due to a covered claim. Be it fire or theft, business personal property coverage can make getting back into business much easier. It is recommended that you purchase replacement cost coverage for your business personal property coverage. If a business has replacement cost coverage and they suffer a covered loss the insurance carrier will provide them compensation the amount needed to replace the property with new equipment rather than paying you the depreciated value of the item as is standard. Be sure to ask one of our agents about this coverage today. You can get additional coverage added to any policy with us for anything from california contractor insurance to your mechanic insurance policy.

Finally, you may be interested in purchasing business interruption coverage for you business owner’s policy. As the name suggests, business interruption coverage provides compensation to the insured in the event they suffer a covered loss that would prevent normal business operations. Be sure to ask about this endorsement as it can be quite invaluable if you ever suffer a major claim.

We know it can be hard to find a good carrier, especially for a tattoo artist. Don’t risk your businesses future, come see us today and let us do what we do best. We will find you the coverage you need at a great price. In fact, you may never have to shop for a policy again. Call click or come on down today and let us get you the peace of mind that comes with good coverage at a great price!

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