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Salon Insurance

If you own, operate or lease a space from a salon and are looking for salon insurance to protect you and your business then you have come to the right place. As an independent agent we are not restricted to a single carrier selection like a direct agent. Instead we have access to some of the nationís top carriers and we can compare each one side by side to ensure we are getting the best rate possible for you and your business needs. In addition to CA general liability coverage there are a few other options you may be interested in as well and they all come highly recommended. Rather than having them split up amongst separate policies as was standard just a few years ago, now we can get you all the coverage you need or want all on one policy.

If you are looking to purchase a beauty salon insurance policy for your salon business you will most likely be purchasing some form of California business insurance. A traditional general liability policy will be designed to protect the business owner and covers damages to personal property, injuries, advertising injury and damage to the rented premises. It is designed to bring the other party back to a point they were at before a loss occurred, not the actual insured. This is the minimum coverage one should carry, but itís certainly not the whole package. As a business owner you will also want to look into some other coverage options such as but not limited to; business personal property, professional liability, business interruption coverage and crime coverage. Luckily we can combine all of these options into one low cost policy designed to cover your specific needs. You will only have to deal with one bill, one claims department and one agent; give us a call today and see how easy it can be to save money with us. Not only can you get professional liability on you salon insurance but you can also get it for on your photographer liability insurance or spa insurance policy.

Why Is Bains And Woodward The Right Choice For Beauty Salon Insurance?

As independent we have access to some of the nationís top carriers as well as multiple payment options. Unlike many agents who work directly for a single carrier we work for you. We will represent you to multiple carriers who are all competing for your business. When carriers compete for your business you save money. Not only will you find significant savings this way, you will also save a lot of your valuable time and energy.

Do I Need Business Insurance For My Beauty Salon?

Unfortunately, lawsuits are a common reality in todayís world for many business owners. When someone sees an opportunity to make a claim they usually do, especially if it is against a business or its owners. It is very important you carry liability limits that will protect you in the event you are sued. In addition to your general liability policy that protects you against financial loss resulting from a claim such as a slip or fall you will also want to look into professional liability coverage. Professional liability coverage protects the insured against financial loss in the event a claim arises from the work performed. Anything from a cut or burn to ruined hair; professional liability is a great idea especially if you have independent artists that work in your shop. This can typically be added to your business ownerís policy at a minimal cost.

You may also be interested in purchasing personal property coverage for your business. Personal property coverage means the insurer will pay out for any personal property (not land or buildings but items and objects such as blow dryers, mirrors, chairs etc) if it is damaged or stolen in a loss. When asking about this coverage be sure to consider replacement cost coverage. With replacement cost coverage you will be reimbursed for the cost of replacing the items with new property rather than being reimbursed for the depreciated value of a used item.

Crime coverage on your beauty salon insurance will protect the business owner from any financial burden that is the result of employee theft or embezzlement. Like most of the coverage discussed here this is not included standard on a policy and should be requested. This is especially important if you have independent contractors that work out of your shop on a regular basis.

Finally, you may want to inquire with one of our agents about adding business interruption coverage to your policy. This coverage will reimburse a business owner for any loss of income they may have suffered after a covered loss occurs and they are not able to operate business as usual. This coverage can really be helpful if a major claim such as a fir occurs. Be sure to ask one of our agents about adding this coverage if you would like to know more about it. Tell your friends about our service and pricing. We can help them with any type of coverage from landscaper insurance to insurance for a restaurant.

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