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Restaurant Insurance

If you own or operate a restaurant you could face many different types of exposures depending on a wide number of factors. It is important that you have the proper restaurant insurance to ensure that you and your business are properly covered in the event a claim arises. At Bains and Woodward Insurance we work with some of the nation’s top carriers as well as some of the best kept secrets in the industry. We have access to several different business owners’ policies that can all be tailored to fit your businesses unique needs. We can cover your general liability, business personal property, special equipment, provide liquor liability insurance and cover multiple locations all on one policy. Once you experience our competitive rates and excellent customer service first hand you may never look for another policy again.

How Much Restaurant Liability Insurance Can I Get?

First and foremost you will want to be sure your liability limits are adequate for your business. The general liability portion of your business owner’s policy will cover injuries to patron from slips, falls burns etcetera and will provide coverage in the event a patron gets sick after eating in your establishment. People tend to believe that a 1,000,000 / 2,000,000 policy will be much more expensive than a policy with lower limits; but the fact is often times the difference in price is minimal. This coverage is highly important in today’s sue happy society so be sure you look into high coverage limits, the cost may be surprisingly lower than expected.

Many restaurant owners are interested in purchasing loss of business coverage for their restaurant insurance. As the name suggests, this coverage provides financial compensation in the event you are unable to operate business as normal due to a covered loss. It is always a good idea to weigh the cost f this coverage to daily operations. If you ever have a fire or disaster that suspends business operations for a significant number of days or weeks this coverage can be invaluable. Be sure to speak about this coverage with one of our agents today.

What Additional Coverage Can I Get On My Restaurant Insurance?

As an owner or operator of a restaurant your insurance needs may vary greatly depending on the services you provide to your patrons. Many restaurants serve alcohol now and if they do they will most likely want to purchase a liquor liability insurance policy. Liquor liability insurance protects you and your business against loss or damages claimed as the result of a patron drinking too heavily and becoming intoxicated causing injury to another patron or themselves. Be sure to ask that this is included in your policy as a standard business owner’s policy does not typically include this coverage. Failure to do so could result in significant financial loss in the event a claim is filed against your business. If you are purchasing a liquor liability policy you will want to ask if employees are covered, often times they are excluded even if they are visiting in the capacity of a patron. Also be sure your policy includes assault and battery coverage and that the policy includes mental damages in the damage coverage section. Many claimants will claim they suffered mental anguish, anxiety, etcetera in addition to their physical injuries.

You may also want to look into food contamination coverage as a part of your restaurant business insurance policy. This coverage can provide protection against financial losses due to the spoiling of food caused by loss of power or failure of equipment. It can also protect you and your business from the financial hit you may take as a result of a food product recall. With such a large string of food recalls in recent years it is always a good idea to purchase this coverage for your business. Failing to carry it could result in significant losses in the event of a recall or food spoilage. Be sure to ask for this coverage specifically, it is not typically included on a standard policy but may be added as coverage.

If you live in an area known for natural disasters it is a great idea you inquire about specific peril coverage. Many general liability policies will exclude things such as earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis and floods. As a resident and business owner in California these things are all natural disasters that should be considered when purchasing a business owners policy depending on where you own or operate your businesses; a business in Los Angeles will probably want to look into earth quake coverage while a beachfront business might consider purchasing a tsunami policy.

Whatever your needs are we have the experience and tools to get you a good policy at a great price. As independent agents we will compare each carrier side by side saving you time and money. When carriers compete for your business you save money.

restaurant liability insurance

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