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Photography Insurance

If you are a photographer and you are looking to purchase photography insurance policy for your business you have come to the right place. At Bains and Woodward Insurance we have access to some of the top carries in the industry and we will work hard to ensure all of your businesses unique needs are met; all at a great price. Whether you shoot at weddings, sporting events, out of a studio or any other number of locations then we have the right policy for you. It is highly important that all exposure you will encounter is properly covered so be sure to disclose the types of shoots you perform.

As a business owner you may want to purchase more than just a photography liability insurance for your company. Often times a general liability insurance in California policies are restrictive and will only cover the financial losses of another party, not yours. More and more business owners are deciding to purchase business owner’s policies in place of just a general liability policy. One could safely say a general liability policy is the minimum one should purchase and a good place to start, but it is certainly not all you should purchase. A business owners policy combines the basics that make up a CA business insurance policy with additional coverage specific to your businesses needs added on. Often times the price of a business owner’s policy will be right around the same price as a general liability policy with much more inclusions; be sure to ask one of our agents about a business owner’s policy for your photography business today.

It is important that as professional photographer you consider the general liability limits of your policy. Often time’s models and photographers will do shoots out of the studio on location in addition to their studio shoots. These locations can each pose their own unique risks; anything from equipment failure that can cause a studio fire damaging surrounding apartments to equipment falling and injuring a passerby on a street shoot. These losses would fall under your general liability policy and are much more common than one may think. You may also have models that are not paid and are not employees, be sure your policy covers them as well as they can also be at risk when performing.

Can I Get More Than Photography Liability Insurance?

When purchasing photography insurance for you photography business be sure to include professional liability coverage at limits that are going to cover any losses you may encounter; photography is a profession with a significant exposure rate. A client who is depending on you to take pictures of their wedding will most likely not care why you forgot a memory card or why it corrupted and wiped clean. All they will care about is the wedding pictures they will never have. If this happens to you be prepared for a law suit. We hear horror stories all the time about a shoot that was ruined because of a broken memory card, dead battery or worse still a broken camera. Having a good professional liability policy can significantly reduce the financial hit that is often associated with a lawsuit. A tip for any photographers out there to reduce this risk would be to use multiple memory cards during any given shoot swapping them out randomly; if one card goes bad you will still have pictures on another you can then use.

This coverage can be purchased for several types of companies. Whether you would like to include it on your auto body shop insurance or your accountants insurance we can help.

Finally, one of the most important forms of coverage you can purchase as a professional photographer is personal property coverage for your equipment. Anyone who has ever worked or studied photography knows just how expensive photography equipment can be. Often times a single lens can costs hundreds of dollars, and very high end lenses can reach in the multi thousands. You have so much to worry about; cameras, lenses, computers and the programs required to edit photos, lighting and grip equipment. The cost of all of these things can be staggering when combined together and in the event of a total loss most people would not be able to replace all of this out of pocket. A good personal property policy with replacement cost coverage can mean any damaged or stolen equipment would be replaced with new equipment rather than being reimbursed the devaluated cost of the missing or damaged equipment. Be sure to ask one of our agents about replacement cost coverage for your equipment; it can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a claim and get you back to work right away.

Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we have clients from all over the state, each of whom has experienced our great prices and excellent customer service. Many of them will never shop around with another carrier again. That is because we are an independent agent with access to dozens of carriers, including some of the nation’s best. We compare each carrier side by side and help you decide on the best price for your coverage; when carriers compete for your business like this you save money. Give us a call, click or come on down for a quote today. Also make sure you tell a friend. We can help on anything from contractors insurance in California to insurance for a retail store.

photographer liability insurance

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