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Landscaping Insurance

If you own your own landscaping business and you are looking for a quote on some landscaping insurance you have come to the right place. Each general liability policy we sell is tailored to the unique needs and exposures associated with your business. We understand that as a landscaper you wear many hats and have many risks associated with your job and your policy should reflect this. Be sure you are protected well and when doing any job. Failure to do so could result in huge out of pocket expenses.

Whats The Different Between Lawn Care And Landscaping Insurance?

First, it is important to understand the difference between a landscaper and a lawn care risk. Someone who is a landscaper will have many different classifications that they need to worry about to ensure they are properly covered. If you only do lawn care please see our lawn care insurance page. A landscaper will at times enter classifications not normally covered under a lawn care policy. A couple of the more common ones we see are plumbing when doing sprinkler work and masonry when doing retaining walls. Because of the different classifications you may find yourself working under, a standard lawn maintenance worker policy would not cover this. Be sure to explain all types of work being performed to your agent so they can properly rate you. No one wants to find out they were paying for a policy that will not cover them in the event a claim should arise.

Here at Bains and Woodward we will go over all of your business insurance in California options for your landcape business insurance to ensure your policy meets the coverage you need at a price you can afford. As an independent agent we have the ability to compare some of the nationís best carriers side by side, just for you. We will explore all coverage options and explain them to you whenever needed to be sure you are not missing out on coverage you may need. Each business is different, at Bains and Woodard Insurance we understand this and we look at every policy we write multiple times to be sure you are adequately protected. While many agents have standard general liability CA packages and policies, each one we sell is custom fitted to the clientís needs. Donít waste time shopping around for hours or even days trying to find the best policy for you, instead let the professionals at Bains and Woodward Insurance save you time and money with our unique rating system.

Do I Have To Carry Landcape Business Insurance?

While it may not be a requirement to carry landscaping business insurance, it is always a good idea. We are seeing more and more law suits pop up in todayís world than ever before. Whether frivolous or legitimate, these suits can cost a person thousands of dollars out of pocket. In addition to your own legal fees, a person who is found liable in a law suit will often times be sued for the other parties legal fees as well as any other judgment levied against them. Luckily there is a way to protect oneself from such costs; general liability insurance. This coverage will help cover the costs of legal bills, can be used to pay for property damage and will cover medical expenses as well. It is important to note that general liability will not protect you from all forms of financial punishment. General liability does not typically pay for punitive judgments against an insured.

While it may seem unlikely that you will be sued; the fact is it does happen to business owners just like you every day. Regardless of how prepared one may be, a law suit with no liability insurance can be devastating to say the least. The out of pocket costs can add up fast and failure to pay them could result in further judgments against you such as liquidation of your property to pay the debt, or even worse having your wages garnished until the debt is paid off. Donít risk finding yourself in this position, give us a call today and let us help you find the best policy for you at a competitive rate.

It is important to recognize all of the risks that may be associated with your landcaping business. It is important to understand these risks so you can not only be properly protected in the event of a claim, but so you can avoid having a claim altogether. Many claims in a short period of time will increase the cost of your landscaping insurance greatly. A person who shows multiple claims on their record has proven that they are a greater risk to insure and as a greater risk they must pay more. Be sure you have the knowledge going into the job that can prevent claims to begin with, this will save you a lot of money in the long run. We are here to help so make sure you refer a friend. We can assist on anything from beauty salon insurance to insurance for restaurants.

landscaping business insurance

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