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Janitorial Insurance

If you own or operate a commercial or residential cleaning company it is highly recommended that you carry a janitorial insurance policy to keep you and your business protected financially. Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we specialize in placing your business with the proper carrier to receive the maximum savings while also maintaining great coverage. In fact, our prices are so low that you may never need to all another agent again. The premiums on our janitorial insurance are some of the lowest in the industry. And while we recognize that our prices are great, we also understand it takes more than a good price to keep a client happy.

Why Choose Bains And Woodward For Your Janitorial Insurance?

Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we are independent agents. This means we are not restricted to just one carrier during our company selection process when quoting business insurance in California. Unlike a direct agent, who only works for one carrier and can only provide prices for that one carrier, we will browse through dozens of carriers to ensure you the best coverage at a great price. We have the ability to tare multiple carriers all at one time, side by side. Not only does this save you a lot of time shopping around for carriers, it can also save you lots of money. When carriers compete for your business you save money, it is that simple. Why waste time driving from location to location, calling office after office? Save yourself the hassle and call us today.

At Bains and Woodward Insurance we recognize what it takes to make our clients happy. While great rates are almost always a good place to start, there is more that goes into a happy client. We will work with each client to ensure their general liability insurance in CA needs are met as easily as possible. We have the experience necessary to make sure our clients are adequately cover their janitorial business no matter what the claim may be. Nobody wants to find out their cleaning company insurance does not cover a claim against them. Donít make the mistake of purchasing a policy based on price alone, come see us today and we will show you that great coverage and a great price can come together in one package. In fact we help more than just cleaning companies. We can help on anything from contractors insurance in California to mechanc insurance.

Proper Coverage On A Cleaning Company Insurance Policy

It is important that you let your agent know if you have any commercial or residential exposure when performing job duties. Each type of service will carry its own unique risks that will need to be addressed on your policy. Failure to do so could result in increased premiums, cancellation of your policy or worse still an uncovered claim. It is important to remember that insurance carriers are taking a risk for a price when they agree to insure you. If they do not know all of the risks involved in the business they cannot rate it accordingly. When purchasing a California janitorial insurance policy be sure to go over any questions you may have regarding commercial and residential exposure with your agent. Here at Bains and Woodward Insurance we are trained to know exactly what coverage will best suit you and your business needs, regardless of exposure. Please, give us a call today. Our trained agents are standing by to save you time and money.

Why Do I Need Janitorial Liability Insurance?

Failure to carry a janitorial insurance policy could result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Claims are often very high in this industry as many people will be working around very valuable objects that other keep in their homes. A personís home is often times their safest place, and as such it is quite easy to find yourself on the other end of a lawsuit filed by an upset homeowner. While many people may think it could never happen to them, the fact is law suits happen all the time. Court fees to file lawsuits in small claims court are often very minimal and the reward far outweighs the investment for most people. Because of how easy it is to file a suit, many people will file one just because they can. Whether you are found at fault or not, you will still have inevitable court fees. Additionally, if you are found at fault in the suit you will be held financially responsible for all judgments and you could have to pay the other party for their court costs. If you are not able to pay the judgment in a reasonable amount of time the courts may then liquidate, or sell off, all of your assets to pay the debt. If the debt is still not resolved at that time the courts may take additional action against you to ensure payment is made in full by garnishing your wages until the debt is settled. Void the risks associated with owning your own business by purchasing a general liability policy today. Give us a call, weíre ready to help you save and make sure you tell a friend about your experience. We can insure anything from landscape business insurance to photographer liability insurance.

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