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Contractors Insurance California

If you live in California and you are a contractor it is highly important you consider purchasing a general liability policy for your business. Having the right California contractors insurance could save you thousands of dollars in law suits should an at fault claim arise and it can help provide legal fees to you in the event you are forced to go to court. In addition to the money it can save you, there is a peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a good business insurance CA policy just in case an accident arises. It is very important you and your agent are on the same page when purchasing a general liability policy for a general contractor. Failing to place the coverage you will need should never happen, but it can so it is very important you are open about all work that will be performed when speaking with your agent.

Most California contractors California general liability insurance policies will have specific exclusions in it that pertain to that policy specifically. This means each policy can be different, and may have exclusions some others may not. Because each insurer has their own exclusions added to a policy it is important for you to tell your agent exactly what kind of work you have done and plan on doing in the future. If a claim arises and it turns out that your policy excludes the type of work being performed all costs could wind up being out of pocket for you. An exclusion can be anything from a time limit that damage has to show up in after work is done, to no new residential work. As odd as it may sound they are real so please be sure to explain your full job expectations to your agent to prevent any personal exposure.

Many people are afraid that their business insurance rates are going to be astronomically high, much higher than it actually turns out to be. This is a product of people being told they are already with the cheapest carrier over and over by their agent. The fact is, they are probably getting the Calfornia contractors insurance for as cheap as that one agent can get it; probably because he is a direct agent and not an independent agent like us. As independent agents we are not appointed to just one carrier, we have multiple carriers to choose from and we often times can compare them side by side for an accurate detail of the savings you should be expecting. With so many options available to us we will save you time and money by comparing some of the nationís top carriers to one another. This creates a healthy competition; when carriers compete for your business you save money and provide quotes on everything from convenience store insurance to retail store insurance.

What Do I Need To Know When Getting A Contractors Insurance California Quote?

Donít make the mistake of going someplace just because the price was so cheap, often times agents will strip down policies and include exclusions to lower the costs. We will work harder than that, and we will use every trick we know to try and save you money while still providing you the best coverage possible. It is because of this dedication to the customer that so many Californians have switched to Bains and Woodward Insurance; and our numbers just keep growing. Find out what it is like to have the confidence and comfort that comes with a good insurance policy. Sleep well at night knowing your assets, your business and your familiesí futures are protected.

Why Shold I Carry California Contractors Insurance?

Failing to carry contractors liability insurance can result in some hefty out of pocket costs if you are found to be at fault in a claim. While it may not seem likely to happen to you, people are more likely to sue now than ever before. With low costs of filing in small claims courts and the new breed of lawyers who will take any case for any reason, suits are becoming increasingly popular in todayís society. If found at fault in a claim the cost of repairing any damage or injury you have caused will be your responsibility and it must be paid as soon as possible. Failure to pay the debt could result in a liquidation of your assets or your wages being garnished until the debt is settled. In addition to the legal fees you will have to pay for adequate legal representation, you may also be responsible for paying the other party for their lawyer as well if found to be at fault. Donít wait until it is too late, call us today and find out how easy it is to get good coverage at a great price and make sure you tell your friends. We can help on any policy from landscaping insurance to day spa insurance.

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