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Body Shop Insurance

If you own or operate a body shop and you are looking for good coverage at a great price then you have come to the right place. Here a Bains and Woodward Insurance we have all the necessary tools to ensure you are getting the right body shop insurance for your business needs. We will custom tailor your policy to fit your business and todayís ever changing market. Whether you are in need of building coverage, garage keepers coverage, business personal property and/or have incidental towing exposure we have the CA business insurance for you. We make the process simple easy and fast and we will get you a low rate. Give us a call today to see just what we can do for you.

If you are the owner or operator of a body shop you will want to inquire about business liability insurance in California for your business. There is a lot of exposure when operating a body shop and it is important that you keep yourself and your business financially protected. It is easy to find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit now days. Carrying a general liability policy can direct the financial risks of being a business owner away from you and direct it towards your carrier. Failure to carry coverage could result in very high out of pocket costs in the event a claim arises and you are found liable in court. Just because you donít have the money to pay for the damages doesnít mean you are off the hook. If a judgment is passed against you in court you are required to pay the debt, regardless of current funds, this could mean the court will liquidate your assets until the debt is settled. If still left unsettled you may have your wages garnished until it is paid. Donít wait until it is too late, give us a call today and find the peace of mind that comes with financial protection.

What Other Coverage Should I Consider For My Auto Body Shop Insurance?

Another very important aspect of your coverage as a body shop should be Garage Keepers coverage. Garage keeperís coverage provides coverage for customer vehicles that are left in your control or care. This coverage extends typically comes in increments between 30,000 total to 150,000 total. It is important that you know how many vehicles you will typically have in your shop and how much they may be worth. This will be a good place to start when determining how much garage keeperís coverage your business may need. You will also have to decide between direct primary and legal liability coverage. Direct primary will provide payment for a loss that may or may not be the direct result of negligence on your shops part. Legal liability only applies to claims if you or your shop are found liable for the claim. So if a theft occurs and you locked everything up, it was just a forced entry you may not be covered. Please be sure to ask one of our agents about this coverage.

You may also be interested in personal property coverage. Personal property coverage applies to any and all tools and supplies you may have in the shop. If a loss occurs due to theft or fire you may make a claim and receive reimbursement for these items. Failure to carry this coverage could cost you thousands of dollars. Equipment isnít cheap; a single machine can cost you over 20,000 dollars. Be sure you sit down and take count of how much coverage you will need to replace any equipment that may be stolen or damaged. There is typically a limit that your carrier will pay up so be sure your coverage is adequate.

This coverage is availalbe for many types of policies from California contractors insurance to business insurance for beauty salons.

What if I Own My Body Shop?

If you own the building you are working in you may want to purchase building coverage as well. Building coverage will provide coverage for the building itself; walls, windows, roof etc. While it may not be required if you own your own shop, it is always recommended that you carry this coverage. If your shop is involved in a claim and there is damage to the structure you may not be able to conduct business as normal. Without building coverage, you may have to find an entirely new location or build another. The out of pocket costs of this can be staggering; be sure to keep yourself protected and give us a call today.

Not only can you get building coverage on your body shop policy but you can also get it on other types of policies for anything from handyman insurance to tattoo insurance

Can I Still Get Body Shop Insurance If We Also Do Towing?

If you own or operate a body shop in you may have some sort of towing operation that you run out of your shop. While this may be the usual for most body shops, carriers do not automatically add this coverage. Please be sure to inform one of our agents if you have any towing exposure to ensure proper coverage is placed. Donít wait, give us a call today and see just how much you can save.

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